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Lets ground
ourselves in a circle
of  support . . . 

My Occupational Therapy Services:

As a healthcare profession which holistically supports clients, groups and communities to prevent, promote, develop, regain & maintain the skills, routines, and adaptations needed to engage in meaningful daily activities of life, I offer a variety of services to support these goals for littles, birth through 6 years of age, alongside their caregivers.  


Occupational Therapy 

Evaluations &

Nature-Based Treatment

Wellness Programs:

Weekly Play Groups  

Monthly Enrichment Programs



Educational opportunities

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Hi, I'm Amber Scherkenbach, M.S. OTR/L


Welcome to Momma Earth, where deep grounded connections can be created to grow from.

As an occupational therapist and momma to two littles, I can deeply empathize with the complexities that naturally come in a family of unique individuals. 

I want to help you understand your child, follow their interests & have compassion for your own sensory processing and nervous system states while finding more grounded and present joy in your every day life. 


What Empowered 
Parents Say

"This was the first play gathering we’ve gone to that didn’t end in tears or a meltdown for my daughter!"


"My family gained a lot of knowledge and take aways in a short amount of time. Amber has so much to offer and did her best to supply us with everything she could in our time together. She was so helpful and opened my eyes to opportunities in play with my 2 year old. How to connect more and offer him (and me) emotional regulation and nervous system support. Today we were hopping around the house like rabbits and I just appreciated the extra movement it gave me + my son was laughing and having so much fun with me. Way better than me just walking around and missing a connection opportunity"


"Amber worked with my son when he was around 10 months old and having trouble tolerating time on his tummy and a resistance to crawling. She came to our home and was able to work with us in an environment where my son felt completely comfortable. She got to watch him in that environment and assess where he was struggling.


She gave great recommendations for what my husband and I could work on with him in between visits. She explained things very clearly and celebrated all the things he was able to do. I am so proud to say that he now spends lots of time sleeping on his tummy and is crawling!


We are so thankful for Amber’s treatment plan and the care she took when working with our son."


"My 5 month old son and I attended the mini nature camp and it was delightful and educational! My son experienced hands on attention and learning with touching different textures in nature, and I (as mom) learned how this helps his development. Amber was kind, patient, and seems to truly enjoy what she is doing!"


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